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KSD is one of the most resilient courses in the Kanban land. It touches the core of the method. You can’t go much far without the learnings from KSD class.

One of those learnings is the understanding that there is no Kanban implementation or transformation. There is only the appropriate usage of the method.

Kanban method and its associated body of knowledge are as deep as the ocean, but you can enjoy the beach and still get the benefit. One does not need to know or try everything in the Kanban method body of knowledge. After KSD, you will learn that even a little bit of Kanban can change your business success trajectory for good.

At KSD class, we will learn how to use the first principle thinking with the Systems Thinking Approach To Introduce Kanban (STATIK) technique. Since I learned Kanban and started to use it, STATIK’s thinking models were always forefront. In fact, in most situations, I did not need anything else. I will make sure that you will learn STATIK during this class and put it into practice immediately.

To be successful with STATIK, you also must fully understand kanban systems and pull systems. You can rest assured that we will cover them in enough depth 😉

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